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Mirium Digital is a technology company specializing in software development, machine learning, and devOps automation. We transform tough problems into great solutions. In the end, we make it happen, whether it’s custom “glueware” that integrates ERP and CRM to give the business an app they can actually use, an insightful machine learning algorithm, an embedded UAV system, a consumer-facing mobile app, a custom eCommerce application, or just a modernized web presence.

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Our Values

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We help enterprise IT departments regain control of their time and craft by providing highly automated software development solutions that help them efficiently deal with the backlog and start delighting their customers again. Our team delivers positive outcomes by sticking to our core values:

  • Collaborate: Our team is made of amazing individuals who believe collaboration is the key to success and allows us to achieve incredible results.
  • Embrace imagination: Every brainstorming session at Mirium Digital begins with imagining the impossible and working backward.
  • Stick together: We believe we’re a family and care when our teammates succeed. Our experts work hard to make sure we succeed individually and as a team.
  • Dream big: At Mirium Digital, we encourage our employees to dream big because we believe everyone is capable of achieving incredible things.
  • Embrace setbacks: We embrace failure at Mirium Digital because we believe every setback is an opportunity to improve and achieve our goals.
  • Challenge the status quo: The Mirium Digital team rejects the status quo and pushes one another to make the world a better place for everyone.
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Our Culture Talks

Mirium Digital believes in maintaining a positive culture that promotes personal and professional growth. Each month, our team holds a Mirium Digital Culture Talks session where members discuss topics concerning development and our company. The topics are developed and presented by anyone at Mirium Digital, and each team member has an opportunity to help define our culture.

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