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End-to-End Oil and Gas Software Applications

In the oil and gas industry, the right applications and technology are crucial for efficient and environmentally responsible drilling processes, with regulatory compliance being a top priority. As a leading IT solutions provider, Mirium offers end-to-end services that empower oil and gas companies to boost productivity and environmental protection.

Cloud Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry

The oil and gas industries have been pioneers in adopting technological advances, and this continues with the growing adoption of cloud-based platforms to improve operational efficiency. Embracing cloud technology allows businesses to access critical data in real-time, enabling informed decision-making with actionable insights. At Mirium, we collaborate with clients to create secure and compliant cloud environments. Our team is proficient in the service languages of various cloud providers, including:

► Amazon AWS
► Microsoft Azure
► Google Cloud

Cloud Managed Services

While migrating your data to the cloud is a significant step in managing your infrastructure, ongoing maintenance is equally crucial to meet your needs. With Mirium's cloud-managed services, we ensure regular monitoring of your cloud-based environment, optimizing server performance. Additionally, our team aids in compliance by conducting penetration tests to identify any vulnerabilities in your platform.

Disaster Recovery

Mirium understands that implementing a cloud-based platform enhances efficiency and productivity for the oil and gas industries, but these environments are susceptible to cyberattacks and natural disasters. That's why our disaster recovery plans offer peace of mind, ensuring critical data is copied and allowing businesses to sustain operations during emergencies. Our strategies also assist clients in maintaining compliance with regulatory agencies.

Infrastructure as a Service

Building, migrating, and managing a cloud-based environment can be challenging and resource-intensive. However, with Mirium's infrastructure as a service solutions, your enterprise gains expert guidance in constructing the ideal infrastructure. Our team creates code sheets representing platforms and databases, facilitating seamless transitions between servers and networks.

System Architecture

In today's remote workforce, maintaining business continuity with a reliable cloud-based platform is essential. Mirium's oil and gas technology solutions encompass cloud system architecture, enabling us to create tailored environments that harness the full potential of your infrastructure. We collaborate closely with oil and gas clients to identify the ideal cloud provider that suits their specific requirements.

Spend Analysis and Optimization

Mirium recognizes the challenges IT teams face in managing cloud costs for the oil and gas industry, as providers often employ various tactics to increase expenses. To address this, we provide spend analysis and optimization services that thoroughly assess your cloud-based network and resource usage. By leveraging our solutions, clients can reduce their cloud spending by up to 30%.

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