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Insurance Software Development Services That Protect Customer Data

Mirium, a leading IT solutions provider, recognizes the utmost importance of developing and implementing flawless applications within the insurance industry. The seamless operation of portals is crucial for adjusters to efficiently approve claims, while customers' peace of mind relies on the robust protection of their personal data from cyberthreats when filing a claim. Our specialized insurance industry software solutions empower insurance companies to optimize customer support by simplifying and streamlining the claims management process.

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Mirium's Insurance Industry Software Solutions

For insurance companies, providing a well-designed app for employees and customers keeps their business ahead of the competition. Finding the right software and app development company is critical for making sure your insurance business application meets your needs. Mirium believes that technology should magnify human potential, so we work with enterprises to build application-based software that streamlines processes and reduces waste. Our insurance application development services include:

Application Development

Whether you need a brand new application or your existing platform has too many bugs, our application development services are designed to enhance your enterprise’s productivity and processes. Our team has experience developing front-end and back-end applications for clients. We work with your internal team to make sure the app we build suits your needs and maximizes efficiency.

Software Implementation

Implementing software applications across an enterprise is challenging and requires significant resources from your internal IT team. Mirium has perfected the system integration lifecycle and handles all elements installing applications. From planning and development to implementation and evaluation, our team provides peace of mind that your software is aligned with your goals.

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Enterprise Application Integration

Enterprises depend on various applications for daily operations, including:
► Payroll
► Payment processes
► Content management
► Claims processes
► And more
Mirium's enterprise application integration services offer innovative platforms to streamline task management across multiple applications. Our team creates seamless front-end applications to build client relationships and efficient back-end applications to enhance employee productivity. With our solutions, navigating between applications becomes easier and more time-efficient.

UX Engagement

Ensuring easy navigation for your app is crucial. Clients seek seamless claim filing processes to feel at ease, while a streamlined user journey contributes to their peace of mind. Additionally, your employees require swift access to essential portal areas to perform their tasks efficiently. At Mirium, we comprehend the challenge of identifying issues when too familiar with the software. Hence, we offer UX audits that provide an extra set of eyes to identify improvement opportunities and enhance the overall user experience.

Security Audits

To safeguard your client's personal data, ensuring business growth and compliance is essential. Mirium offers comprehensive security audits that effectively detect vulnerabilities in your application. Our expert team conducts penetration tests, simulating real cyberattacks to identify weaknesses and potential gaps. These tests empower enterprises to reinforce their platforms through the following steps:
► Planning: We work with your IT team to define the scope and goals of the test
► Scanning: Our team gathers data and scans your application for weaknesses
► Gaining access: The Mirium team uses cross-site scripting, SQL injection, backdoors, and other web-based applications to simulate cyberattacks.
► Maintaining access: During our simulated attacks, we determine if any vulnerabilities allow us to gain a consistent presence in your application.
► Analysis: Our experts analyze the test results and provide a full report of our findings with recommended solutions.


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