Cloud Managed Services

Cloud Managed Services

Comprehensive Multi-Cloud Computing Management Services

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Mirium Digital's Cloud Maintenance Services

In the modern business landscape, cloud adoption has become indispensable across various sectors. Transitioning your organization to a cloud hosting infrastructure marks the initial phase, followed by the crucial task of efficiently overseeing your cloud operations to ensure alignment with your requirements. Nonetheless, maintaining in-house management of your hosted cloud services entails substantial expenses and necessitates continuous surveillance. As a prominent specialist in cloud solutions, Polyrific presents comprehensive cloud computing management solutions designed to vigilantly supervise your cloud-oriented framework, liberating your IT personnel to dedicate their efforts to alternative responsibilities. Our suite of managed cloud services caters to both newly implemented and existing platforms, encompassing the subsequent array of offerings:

Penetration Testing

Spotting vulnerabilities within a cloud setting safeguards your company's valuable data. Within Mirium Digital's spectrum of cloud maintenance services, routine penetration tests are incorporated to evaluate any frailties within your cloud infrastructure. Additionally, our suite encompasses contingency strategies that effectively alleviate the repercussions of system outages.


Polyrific offers cloud monitoring services that observe your cloud infrastructure in real time and ensure server performance. Our continuous evaluation allows our team to catch future problems before they develop, enabling clients to continue operations with uninterrupted service.

Why Use Mirium Digital's Multi-Cloud Managed Services?

    Numerous businesses collaborate with several cloud providers to cater to their specific requirements. Managing a multi-cloud environment poses difficulties due to varying service levels across each platform. Mirium Digital simplifies the complexity of multi-cloud resource management by efficiently handling the load balancing responsibilities essential for multiple cloud services. Our team possesses expertise across the spectrum of major cloud solution providers, encompassing:
  • AWS
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud

Our services transcend a single cloud solution, as we collaborate with enterprises to identify the ideal public cloud adoption platform tailored to their requirements. Mirium Digital's software engineering experts provide cutting-edge managed solutions, ensuring the stability of your network and preemptively addressing potential disruptions to uphold your productivity.

Furthermore, our comprehensive cloud-managed service program encompasses vigilant error log monitoring, promptly alerting our team to any issues that arise. By partnering with Mirium Digital, the unpredictability often associated with cloud solutions is mitigated, given our perpetual oversight of your infrastructure.

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